Snapshots of a Blizzard (Dartmouth & New Bedford) - January 4th, 2018

I woke up early on January 4th in hopes of a winter wonderland.  To my surprise, it was about 38 degrees and raining.  As the morning turned to early afternoon, the temperature dropped and eventually the rain turned to snow.  Due to the earlier rain and cold temps, everything beneath the newly fallen snow turned to ice.  Below are some snapshots from the day of the blizzard and the day after.    


High Winds Send Boats Ashore in Padanaram Harbor

High winds sent boats ashore in Padanaram Harbor on October 30th. It was a scene

reminiscent of Hurricane Bob in 1991. At least 10 boats ended up on the shoreline. Big

Wheel Towing and Recovery, Towboat US and Davis & Tripp helped with the cleanup.